Live Blackjack Game Guide

Introduction To Live Blackjack

Have you ever wondered why most gamers are two times more likely to play live blackjack than the standard blackjack? Find out about this and more in our live blackjack tutorial. The live blackjack game is one of the most popular and famous casino games in the iGaming industry that gives players a realistic gaming experience full of excitement. You get to play the game live against real-life players and have a friendly and professional ‘human’ dealer direct the game. You only need a good live blackjack strategy, and you are good to go.

How To Play Live Blackjack

If you’ve ever played blackjack online before, I bet you won’t have difficulties comprehending the live blackjack game variant. This live blackjack tutorial will equip you with the right live blackjack strategy that will help you make those profits you desire. Once you open the live blackjack game’s website on your computer or mobile screen, you will see a blackjack table and a real dealer. The first thing you do is decide the bet amount you can comfortably play with so long as it is above the minimum bet limit of the table.

The next step is to select your bet and place your live blackjack bets by clicking on the appropriate chips. However, when playing live blackjack online, all bets have their odds, which means if your bet wins, the payout you receive corresponds to the odds of that bet. Whether you are playing live blackjack for fun or real money, the ultimate goal is to have fun as much as possible. The dealer deals two cards face up to you and one card face down, and another face up to himself. You choose to either stand, hit, double down, split or double down at this stage.

Once every player is settled, the dealer then turns his face-down card up. You win in live blackjack if you get closer to 21, but only when the dealer hasn’t done likewise. If you get above 21, you bust, and this means you have lost the game. However, if you get the same hand as the dealer but not a blackjack, you neither lose nor win: but you get a full refund of your bet stake to place another bet.

  • Select your minimum bet amount.
  • Place your bet by clicking on the appropriate chip or chips.
  • Look at your cards and decide on the option you want to take.
  • If you get a blackjack, the dealer announces the winner, and you receive your payout.

Live Blackjack Rules

If you’ve ever had a chance to play live blackjack online, you can agree that the rules are similar to its RNG online variant. Before any cards are dealt, players are supposed to place their live blackjack bets so that the dealer can proceed. Each table has its betting limits, so be careful when settling for one and make sure you don’t dent your budget when placing bets. If you get a blackjack, the dealer will immediately give you the payout corresponding to the live blackjack odds of that bet. You can shout “hit”, “stand,” and so on to maintain clear communication between you and the dealer. The rule says that if you and the dealer get a blackjack, the dealer wins, and you lose. However, if you get the same hand as the dealer and it is not a blackjack or a bust, you get a half refund of your bet stake.

Live Blackjack Strategies

Live blackjack games depend on luck and instincts, so a good strategy will increase your chances of winning. At the end of this live blackjack tutorial, you will have learnt the basic system and how to apply it. In a nutshell, the basic live blackjack strategy is all about taking the appropriate action depending on what you have on the cards you’ve been dealt with and what the dealer’s cards have. Or otherwise called ‘card counting.’

Card counting in live blackjack is about keeping track of the low and high cards in the deck. Card counting will not only help you determine the optimal time to increase your bets, but it will also help to reverse the house edge. It enables you to know what card gives you an advantage, so you place more cards to maximise your profit; and, of course, place fewer bets in an unfavourable count, thus minimising the losses.

  • Choose the right option depending on the cards you have.
  • Master the card counting strategy and apply it to the game.
  • Know when to increase your bets and when to reduce them.

Different Types of Live Blackjack

Since live blackjack is among the top-rated casino games, it is most loved by all types of gamers, from high rollers to low rollers. As a result, it triggered the evolution of several versions. Live blackjack party is the most popular version, and from what the name suggests, you enjoy the party as you win real money. Players are encouraged to talk amongst themselves and interact to create an environment of fun as they play. The second version is the Live Diamond VIP Blackjack, the best choice for high rollers. It allows high minimum and maximum bet stakes. Lastly, we have the live VIP Blackjack that accommodates the largest crowd. This variant provides an ideal VIP environment with much smaller stakes, proving affordable for most people.

Tips and Tricks for Live Blackjack beginners:

To a beginner, live blackjack might seem daunting at first, but it is easier than you could imagine. We advise that you start by playing for free before getting comfortable with the game while spending none of your cash. When betting, stick to small bets, so you don’t end up losing a lot of money. Ensure you master the card counting strategy first, so you know when to increase your bets and reduce them. It is crucial for a beginner to plan your budget earlier.

Glossary Of Terms in the Game

  • Bust – Any hand that gets the total value above 21.
  • Card counting – Keeping track of the low and high cards to maximise profits.
  • Dealer Pick – When the dealer checks for a blackjack if their up card is a 10 or an ace.
  • Double down- When a player places an extra bet in exchange for an additional card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How different is live blackjack from standard online blackjack?

Unlike the standard online blackjack that uses the RNG algorithm, live blackjack uses live dealers and real cards on a real casino table. The player gets to interact with the dealer by talking to each other. Besides, you have limited time to place your bets, and so you must be fast enough.

How do you increase your winning chances at live blackjack?

Many experienced live blackjack players have used this one strategy, and it has always yielded results. The strategy is called card counting, whereby you keep track of both low and high cards. You will know when to increase your bets and reduce them, and as a result, you can minimise losses as you increase your chances of winning.

How do you play live blackjack?

To play live blackjack, you just need to open a casino’s live games section, and you’ll find a dealer waiting for you. You will then decide on your minimum bet amount, place your bets, and wait for the dealer to deal your cards. In a live blackjack game, this is the stage that will need you to either hit, double down, split, stand or even surrender.

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